Healing Through Homeopathy
Healing Through Homeopathy
Healing Through Homeopathy
Healing Through Homeopathy

What to expect during your consultation

What to expect during your       consultation:


A complete health history will be taken to develop a health-enhancing program.This history includes complaints, genetic predisposition to disease, family history, life style, and eating habits.


Only natural remedies and supplements are recommended.


Non-invasive food and environmental allergy testing is conducted using a diagnostic electro-acupuncture tool. This  method appears to be very accurate and well-tolerated, even by small children.


Detailed diet and life style recommendations are given.


Follow-up appointments are scheduled approximately every four to five weeks. Your health program will be re-evaluated and any necessary adjustments will be made.


Once your health is restored, maintenance appointments are scheduled every three to four months, or as needed. Healing time varies for each client, depending on how advanced the health problem, and client’s constitution, health habits, and compliance with the recommended program.  Acute conditions (tonsillitis, flu, food poisoning, allergies, etc.), as well as chronic conditions, can be addressed.

All ages can be treated.

All remedies and most supplements are available in the office.

No invasive diagnostic procedures or treatment methods, such as surgery, injections, blood drawing, x-ray, CT scan, etc., are used.



Payment is expected at the time of visit.

Credit cards,except AMEX, cash or checks are accepted.  We do not accept medical insurance as payment.

Initial visit - $175

Follow-up visit - $70

Remedy prices - $16-21

Bowenwork session - $80

Prices of supplements vary.


          Office hours:

          Mon. Tue. Wed. Fri.

         8:30 am - 12:00 pm

         1:30 pm -  5:30 pm

Office will be open on the first Sat. of the month 

          9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Where to Find Us:

      90 Mission Drive, Suite #1

           Pleasanton, CA 94566

         Phone: 925-447-8294

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