Healing Through Homeopathy
Healing Through Homeopathy
Healing Through Homeopathy
Healing Through Homeopathy

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I have been practicing homeopathy since 1992. 


Homeopathy entered my life in my teens.  At that time, I was frequentIy ill.  Repeated antibiotics for infections resulted in an enlarged liver and a poor appetite, making me the smallest person in my class.  Seeing a homeopath changed this.  My liver returned to normal and my appetite increased accordingly.  In one year I added twelve inches to my height and my shoe size increased from European 35 to 40.  I gained weight and strength, and episodes of illness became infrequent.  My performance in school and relationships with peers improved.  Since then, this healing art has never failed to help my patients and the members of my family (including my mother, a cardiologist, who has been using it for many years).


In my subsequent years of study in medical school, where I learned to treat most conditions with allopathic, or mainstream, medications, I never forgot the changes homeopathy had brought in my life.  When I graduated from Kiev medical school in the Ukraine, with an MD degree in pediatrics, I decided to change the direction of my career.  I knew of a way other than drug therapy to improve children’s health.


I had the great good fortune to enroll in a course taught by Valerie Bichunova, MD. One of the greatest homeopaths in Europe, she studied under the founder of homeopathy in the former USSR, Demyan Popov.  I studied and practiced under her supervision for six years, acquiring a great deal of knowledge about this beautiful and powerful healing art.  Through her lectures, seminars, workshops, and patient consultations, I gained tremendous confidence in the choice I had made to travel along the path of homeopathy.  Pediatric medical  practice afforded me further opportunities to apply my book learning in a clinical setting.  For six years after graduating from medicaI school, I worked in outpatient pediatrics, seeing at minimum thirty patients per day.  Here, I used homeopathic remedies almost exclusively for acute and chronic conditions with great success.  I would never have achieved the same results using prescription medications.


Homeopathy is my passion, and I am always learning, whether it be from books or from my daily encounters with patients.   The fascinating works of the great homeopaths, from Samuel Hahnemann and James Tyler Kent, to Catherine Coulter and George Vithoulkas, read almost like novels, and inspire me to further perfect my practice.  I take pride in using my knowledge of homeopathy to help people restore their well-being. 


I have always believed in the self-healing capability of our bodies. They often need merely the gentlest of help, not interference.  The founder of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, stressed in his Organon of the Medical Art that “Homeopathy...avoids anything that is even the slightest bit debilitating,” and that “the highest ideal of cure is the rapid, gentle, and permanent restoration of health...in the shortest, most reliable, and least disadvantageous way...”  (Hahnemann, Samuel, Organon of the Medical Art, Birdcage Books, Redmond, Washington, 1996, page 4 and 60.)  Nothing in the medical field, except homeopathy, has the ability to provide such a deep, and, at the same time gentle, healing.


In its more than two hundred year history, homeopathy has saved lives and restored health in countless numbers of people worldwide.  At present, it continues its amazing work in many countries, some of which include the US, England, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Europe, Australia, Russia, and India.  Britain’s Royal Family relies on this healing modality.


Educational background and work experience


1984-1990 - Attended Kiev Medical School, Ukraine.  Received MD degree in pediatrics.


1990-1991 - Internship in leading pediatric hospitals, Kiev, Ukraine.


1992 - Post-graduate homeopathic course with Valerie Bichunova, MD.   Received degree of Homeopathic physician.


1992-1997 - Studied under Valerie Bichunova, MD, in “Lotus” homeopathic educational and healing center, Kiev, Ukraine.  Practiced pediatrics and homeopathy in outpatient pediatric clinic.


1991-1996 - Practiced pediatrics in Kiev outpatient pediatric clinic.


1996-1997 - Private homeopathic practice in Kiev, Ukraine.  Treated children and adults.


1997 - Immigration to USA


1998 - Joined homeopathic practice of C.D. Hawley MD, Inc. in Livermore, CA.


2004-2006 - Studied in-depth nutrition and holistic therapeutic modalities at Canyon College of Idaho.  Received degree of Doctor of Naturopathy.


2009 - Assumed homeopathic practice of Clyde D. Hawley MD, Inc. in Livermore after his retirement.

July 2014 - Practice moves to Pleasanton, CA.

2009-2010 - Studied Bowenwork and in August 2010 received certification "Professional Bowenwork practitioner". Since then has been studying and working to improve bowenwork practitioner skills by attending classes and workshops.


Overall I have had thirty six years of experience in the medical field and have been practicing homeopathy for twenty two years. 


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